About the inventor and owner: Dave Walko

Being retired has given me time to pursue one of my lifelong ambitions of trout fishing. Along with fishing nearly everyday, I found myself dreaming about fishing at night. In mid-May, 2005, I went to bed and one of the last things that I thought about was the fact that I had dropped my entire fishing rod into the stream that day. As I slept, I had a dream about a device that would solve this very problem. I remember sitting-up in bed and saying out loud, “Son-of-a-gun, that rod holder is something every fisherman could use.”
Over the past year, I saw my idea evolve into a truly useful product, so I applied for a patent and created the Fish Hands Free Company. Both fly-fishermen and those using spinning rods have tested the “Fish Hands Free” rod-holder. The response is always positive and usually results in customers buying more rod-holders for their friends and family. Our customers find it hard to believe that something so simple can make such a big difference in their fishing experience. Try one today and find yourself “hooked” on the “Fish Hands Free” rod holder.
Happy Fishing,
Dave Walko, owner